How to set up an effective acne routine


How to set up an effective acne routine

Acne cannot be wiped away with a sponge. It takes consistency in treatments and patience to experiment with the most effective products. All of this must be accompanied by an expert dermatologist capable of recommending products suitable for your body and the causes that cause the problem to explode. So let’s start from the basics, what is acne?

What is acne and what causes it

There are different types of acne depending on the severity and age at which it occurs. To these were added the forms of acne deriving from the prolonged use of masks (Maskne). In any case, the process that causes inflammation is now clear: the formation of comedones (blackheads) blocks the secretion of sebum which, stagnating, degrades and irritates the skin. The formation of bacteria in this accumulation develops inflammation which, if the follicle is destroyed, creates the scar.

The main causes of this discomfort are genetic predisposition and stress, which is why the imperfection can also occur in old age. Smog and sudden hormonal changes, such as the week before the menstrual cycle, can also increase sebum production and cause acne.

Certainly, very fatty foods do not create acne and washing too frequently is counterproductive because it increases the production of sebum. What to do then?

How acne treatments have changed

Today We are trying to intervene at the origin of the problem by preventing the formation of comedones. One of the techniques used is micropeeling, i.e. rubbing the affected area with a glycoalcoholic lotion that disinfects and increases the desquamating action, thus freeing the follicles from comedones to prevent the accumulation of sebum.

Certainly your doctor will be able to show you the right way to go if the situation is now chronic, but for less severe and tenacious acne we have a solution that can be very useful for you.

A right routine to fight acne blemishes

The ByBox Acne contains a trio of products designed for an effective and delicate routine to reduce the blemishes caused by acne. In the box you will find:

Purifying Serum: intensive dermo-purifying serum suitable for combination, impure and oily skin
Purifying Cream: cream with a purifying and normalizing action. It reduces sebaceous secretion by contrasting the formation of comedones and the appearance of skin imperfections. Mattifies and leaves skin silky, smooth, fresh and clean.
Purifying Mask: Dermo-purifying normalizing mask for oily skin with impurities. Deeply smoothes and purifies and soothes any skin irritations.

The combined action of the three products allows you to support your beautician’s treatments by constantly helping you.

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