who I am

Hi, for years, managing my company in the beauty sector, I have spent a lot of time with people who experience the desire to feel better about their skin closely. It’s a question of liking yourself better, sure, looking younger, but it’s also a question of health.

The skin needs to be protected, nourished, cared for, to be luminous, supple, soft or to eliminate annoying imperfections due to age or external factors.

Sometimes the desire for more pleasant skin and appearance leads to resorting to drastic, invasive solutions that are not always effective and often with results that are not up to the capital invested.

Or, the right treatment can be identified at the nearby beauty centre, with an adequate and minimally invasive device or with a line of cosmetics designed and personalized for the specific need.

Years of research have allowed me to supply beauty centers with various lines of highly effective dermo-cosmetic products and devices for aesthetics, obtaining extraordinary results on various types of epidermis and various blemishes.

The personalized courses, studied by observing the work of the operators in the sector, have consolidated my knowledge in the field and helped dozens of beauticians to increase their competence and bring their beauty center to an excellent level of profitability.

I liked being able to be responsible for a change, however small, in the day or in the lives of others.

Designing highly innovative treatments and devices, running a company and collaborating with partners of excellence has never been a reason to move away from the main route, that of bringing well-being to people and a pinch of happiness.

It has been a long and not easy journey, but very satisfying in terms of discoveries and curiosities. The desire to make the sensations of having healthy and young skin accessible to everyone, even in the comfort of your own home and at any time of the day, without appointments or schedules, led me to the creation of products that could be easy to apply and quick effect.