The 6 benefits of Aloe Vera for your body


The 6 benefits of Aloe Vera for your body

Aloe Vera is one of the most famous fleshy plants in the cosmetic field thanks to its extraordinary properties. This plant has been known for millennia and is native to central Africa, but it adapts easily to climatic conditions, which is why we find it both in the Mediterranean basin and overseas. Surely you have already used Aloe products, but do you know what all its properties are?

Aloe Vera as a moisturizer

Aloe Vera has a remarkable ability to retain water thanks to the richness of mucopolysaccharides. It is effective if you need to treat dehydrated skin. In fact, it has an extraordinary ability to penetrate and deeply hydrate the skin.

Aloe as a refreshing and anti-redness

If you have atopic and sensitive skin Aloe Vera is for you. The plant has a soothing, anti-redness and calming action. These properties make it useful when the skin is red or after it has been intensely exposed to the sun.

Aloe as a soothing

Aloe Vera gel is considered one of the best ingredients to soothe the skin after shaving. After a particularly aggressive treatment on the skin, it may be useful to use Aloe to prevent redness, rashes and pimples from appearing. In addition, it promotes the rapid closure of dilated pores.

Aloe as a purifier

The polysaccharides and anthracene derivatives that Aloe Vera contains guarantee its antiviral, bacteriostatic and antifungal activity. For this reason you can use it for cleansing and care of impure, acneic and seborrheic skin.

Aloe as an anti-aging and regenerating agent

Aloe Vera restores skin balance by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin and increasing the soluble collagen content in the skin. This is possible thanks to the amino acids, vitamins and minerals contained in the plant. Its excellent nourishing capacity makes it useful in case you want to replenish the collagen and elastin fibers that form the skin’s scaffold.

Aloe in BYou products

Obviously we could not miss such an important ingredient for our products. The properties of Aloe make it an excellent adjuvant for draining treatments, in fact you can find it in our bandages. In addition, we have developed with our beauticians a formula that moisturizes and repairs the skin. Here the BYou products containing Aloe

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