Instructions for a successful Beuty Routine against cellulite, the BYou case.


Instructions for a successful Beuty Routine against cellulite, the BYou case.

Cellulite is one of the most common imperfections among women. The conformation of the adipose tissue makes it a typically female peculiarity, in fact men cannot suffer from it. Would you like to know what to do to fight it and make it finally disappear? You need constancy and 360 ° attention to your well-being.

What does it mean concretely?

  • Start with a balanced diet suitable for your body (on this, getting help from a professional is always a good idea).
  • The next step is to exercise consistently. It can also be a walk of at least 30 minutes 2/3 times a week, the important thing is to find what gives you the most satisfaction.
  • Have a good beauty routine with products that support this effort.

Not everyone can afford to go to the beauty center consistently, that’s why you should keep reading: we have decided to give you some practical advice (with truly professional products).

Why a routine for cellulite

Routine is important because it allows you to maintain results . Also, create a space to dedicate completely to yourself that otherwise you would not be able to give yourself. Having a routine doesn’t mean wasting a lot of time, it only takes a few steps done well to start seeing results on your body. And then, let’s face it, the time you dedicate to yourself is never wasted.

Step 1: the Cream

It is recommended to use the anti-cellulite cream after cleansing the body. For example, BodyCell Cream is capable of improving the appearance of orange peel skin and the imperfections of cellulite with the presence of localized fat. We know that every skin is special, so over time you will find the most suitable product for you.

How to spread the cream

How the cream is spread is an often underestimated but very important aspect. When we talk to the professionals who use our products, they always tell us how important it is to massage while applying creams to increase their effectiveness. This is because it helps absorption and promotes microcirculation and tissue oxygenation. Let’s see how to do it in a few steps:

  • Lightly warm the cream on the palm of your hand before applying it.
  • Apply the cream with a light massage with circular movements on the legs. It starts from the bottom up by passing the skin between the fingers with a good pressure. Then start at the ankle and work up the leg with both hands.
  • When you reach the thigh , always from the bottom up, massage with the palms open but with a little more energy than the calf, always with circular movements.
  • Massage the inner thigh with lighter pressure , moving up to the groin.
  • Back to massage firmly in the buttocks and hips area : from the buttocks up towards the side proceeding first by lightly “pinching” the skin between the fingers , then as if you were kneading, moving your thumbs in a circular way and insisting on the sketches.
  • On the belly, massage with the palm of the hand in circular movements.
  • Manage the pressure according to the delicacy of your tissues.

The massage is also good once a day, when it is most comfortable for you to be able to take the time to improve yourself. It can also be useful to apply bandages, these have effects that you would not expect.

Step 2: Bandages

Wrapping is a great way to combat cellulite blemishes and bring a bit of the beauty center to your home. This tool is very useful for completing a beauty routine against cellulite thanks to the active ingredients contained and the method of application. The bandage, in fact, gradually releases the active ingredient suitable for reducing and remodeling treatments. This treatment requires more time and, in fact, it can also be done a couple of times a month.

How to apply bandages

Like any product, the right application often makes a difference for bandages. In this case, the place can also be very important: it must be comfortable and must be prepared so as not to mess around. So how is the bandage applied?

  • Prepare the bandages, in our case the bandages are already soaked and just open the package.
  • Wrap the bandage from the bottom up, taking care to create as little overlap as possible.
  • Secure the bandage so it doesn’t unwind.

The duration may vary depending on the chosen product or the treatment you are following, usually 30 minutes is enough to maximize the effectiveness. In the winter it could be very pleasant to use “warm” bandages. Let’s see what differentiates them from common bandages.

The Hot Bandage vs Cold Bandage

The bandages can be soaked with different active ingredients. On the market you will find both pre-soaked bandages in the package and dry bandages to be soaked by buying the product separately. We at BYou prefer the former in order not to complicate the preparation process of the treatment and to have the product ready for use (everything is much faster).

But some bandages can be soaked with particular active ingredients that give a pleasant sensation of warmth. In this case it is not necessary to heat the bandage. The heat has a double function: it helps the microcirculation for remodeling and makes the treatment pleasant when the temperatures are low.

Imagine having to put on a cold bandage on December 15th and have to hold it for 30 minutes! You may never do this, which is why the advice of professionals in the sector is important.

The right products to fight cellulite

What products to use? On the market you will find dozens of them all promising the same thing, but you will find the right product by trying and trying again on yourself. Over the years we at BYou have developed, with professional cosmetics, a transversal Beauty Routine suitable for those who suffer from blemishes due to cellulite. You can find it complete in the ByBox Cell Shock or find them separately below.

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